Seymour High School Chemistry

Kurt Zeppetello's Resume

CERTIFICATIONProvisional Educator Certification, State of ConnecticutChemistry, Earth Science, General ScienceArizona State Community College Teaching Certificate, #0188
EDUCATION6th Year Teaching Certificate, (2008) Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CTTeacher Licensure, (2002), Accelerated Pathways to Teaching, Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, MAM.S., (1992), Geology (Emphasis in Chemistry), Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona.B.S., (1989), Geochemistry, State University of New York, Oswego, NY.A.A.S., (1986), Math/Science, Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY.
TEACHING EXPERIENCESeymour High School, Seymour, Connecticut (2003-present)Chemistry Teacher (2003-present)Teach full-year, Extended Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and AP Chemistry. Instrumental in developing AP Chemistry at Seymour High School and for allowing high achieving science oriented ninth graders to enter into Biology rather than General Science. Coached Chemistry Olympiad students from our school since 2009.General Science Teacher (2003-2005, 2010)
Taught introductory science to Freshman. Topics included chemistry, earth science, and physical science.

Stoughton Public Schools, Stoughton, Massachusetts (2002-2003)Chemistry Teacher (2002-2003)Taught full-year, Extended Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and AP Chemistry.Earth Science Teacher (2002-2003) Taught introductory science to Freshman.

Mesa Community College, Mesa, Arizona (2000)Environmental Geology, Fall 2000Physical Geology, Spring 2000Physical Geology Lab, Spring 2000


Online CFAs – What A Relief! (2010):
(By K. Zeppetello and M. Sirowich, From the Connecticut Journal of Science Education, V. 48 No. 1, Fall - Winter 2010, A publication of the Connecticut Science Teachers Association, CSTA).

Dinosaur Demise from a Collision: A Theory in the Making (2008): Dinosaur Demise From a Collision.pdf
(From the Connecticut Journal of Science Education, V. 47 No. 1, Fall - Winter 2008 2009, A publication of the Connecticut Science Teachers Association, CSTA - Join Now).

Amino Acids in Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Outcrops in the Raton Basin (1992): Raton Basin
(Master's Thesis submitted to Arizona State University, 1992)


Presented a talk 'Biodegradation at the Estes Landfill WQARF Site', September 1999 AHS Symposium, Hon Dah, AZ.Presented a talk 'Remediation of the Pinal Creek WQARF Site', 1997 AALE Convention, Phoenix, AZ.Presented a talk 'Remedial Investigation at Pinal Creek and Huntington Square', December 1996, ASU.Invited speaker on 'Soil VOC Methanol Preservation', 1996 EPA Region 9 RCRA Corrective Action Conference, San Francisco, CA.Masters Thesis Defense, Extraterrestrial Amino Acids Associated with the K/T Boundary, 1992.
SHORT COURSESSeymour High School, Seymour, Connecticut
Instructed other Seymour Public School teachers how to create and use Wikispaces in their classrooms, Professional Development, November 2010.
Instructed other Seymour Public School teachers how to create and use Wikispaces in their classrooms, Professional Development, November 2009.
Instructed other Seymour Public School teachers how to create and use Google Docs in their classrooms, Professional Development, November 2009.

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Phoenix, ArizonaTrainer of GIS applications in the Remedial Investigations Hydrology Unit, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), 2000.Instructor for Environmental Sampling Workshop, Groundwater sampling, ADEQ, June 1996.Instructor for Environmental Sampling Workshop, Soil sampling, ADEQ, November 1995.
Arizona State University, Tempe, ArizonaTeaching Assistant for Historical Geology Lab, Spring 1992.Teaching Assistant for Mineralogy Lab, Fall 1991 and Fall 1990.Teaching Assistant for Petrology Class and Lab, Spring 1991.Instructor for Physical Geology Lab, two classes, Spring 1990.
OTHER EXPERIENCE Senior Project Scientist, Roy F. Weston, Inc., May 2001 to July 2002.Provided hydrogeologic technical support to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).Directed field-sampling operations. This included: surface water, discharge points, ground water, drinking water, surface soil, and subsurface soil.Managed potential remediation sites as part of the Superfund Technical Assessment and Response Team (START) for the EPA.Constructed Site Location maps and Sample Location maps for sites using (GIS) and Autocad.Developed site Health and Safety Plans, Task Work Plans, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, and other reports on behalf of the EPA.
HydrogeologistArizona Department Environmental Quality, May 1994 to January 2001.Was responsible for hydrogeologic evaluations for a Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF) site.Constructed Site Registry maps for state and federal Superfund sites using (GIS).Developed site specific ground water flow models using Visual MODFLOW to evaluate remedial alternatives.Provided hydrogeologic technical support to the state for a federal Superfund site in Goodyear.Managed a state Superfund site in Yuma.Provided expert testimony on behalf of the State of Arizona for a RCRA site in Tempe.Was responsible for hydrogeologic reviews of hazardous waste generator and storage facilities. Reviews included: delineating soil and ground water contamination plumes and remedial alternatives as applied to RCRA rules.Taught soil and ground water sampling procedures to state and private sector personnel at the Environmental Sampling Workshop sponsored by the State of Arizona.Was responsible for hydrogeologic evaluations of Aquifer Protection Program facilities.
Staff Hydrogeologist, South Pass Resources, Inc., May 1993 to March 1994.Conducted soil & ground water contamination investigations from which remediation alternatives were evaluated.Managed and supervised the removal of contaminated soils in accordance with EPA regulations.Processed piezometric and geochemical data from a New Mexico mine.Supervised numerous drilling operations.
Assistant HydrogeologistDames & Moore, July 1992 to May 1993.Was responsible for drill spoils generated from remedial activities.Supervised the monitoring operations of a seven-day aquifer test.Performed rising-head (slug) tests on eight Westbay wells.Designed and installed Westbay wells as part of the 52nd Street CERCLA site and 56th Street RI/FS.Worked on an inorganic ground water investigation at the 52nd Street CERCLA site to determine the effects of bedrock on the ground water. Bedrock close to the facility and core from near-by wells were sampled for Arsenic and Fluorine bearing minerals and input to geochemical thermodynamic models.


Graduate Assistant, Arizona State University, January 1990 to June 1992.Directed an investigation to determine if rare to nonexistent non-biogenic amino acids could be associated with Cretaceous-Tertiary outcrops from the Raton basin in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. Extracted amino acids from sediments with water and using acid reflux. Identified amino acids with an amino-acid analyzer and a gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GS/MS).
Developed a modeling program in FORTRAN that used the finite-difference formulation as a class project. Instructed students how to use the polarizing microscope used for rock and mineral identification.


Arizona Groundwater Cleanup Task Force, 1996 - 1997.EPA Region 9 Letter of Recognition, 1996.Geology Teaching Assistant of the Year, ASU, 1991.Outstanding Geology Graduate, SUNY at Oswego, 1989.


American Geophysical UnionNational Geographic SocietyConnecticut Science Teachers Association